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Indesign Project

For this project I created a digital PDF portfolio in Indesign. Out of all of the projects I feel as though I have learned the greatest from this one. I have never been to god with setting up grids and good organization and this project helped me set up folders in a good manner, and use more grids in designing the layout of my presentation. I did have quite a few problems with the grids throughout the project, at times they seemed to jump around even though they where not changed on the top page.

Here is a link to a PDF of my digital portfolio.


Indesign Homework

In our Indesign homework we had to create a design that could be incorporated into a design magazine.

The Cover of article
Page one of article
Page 2 of article

Photoshop Project

The objective of our Photoshop project was to create a design that effectively conveys a emotion.
I started out with the emotion lonely but changed it to Bliss.
Photoshop project final

To create this final image I used a mixture of digital painting and photo manipulation. Much of my digital painting ended up being abstract shapes, I manipulated these shapes to create some of the overlaying layers. Using a multitude of layers and blending options I created a very shiny, psychedelic composition.

Photoshop Homework

In this home work we learned how to blend photos together.

In the end messing with different filters and blending modes I created a few variations.
Alt 1

Second Variation

Alt 2

Project 1

Through the first project I learned that I really need to get better at creating concept sketches. While I think the project went very well, I spent too much time figuring out what exactly I was doing. Everything that came to mind I would be able to create effectively in Photoshop but not so much in Illustrator. I did learn how to use drop shadow and a few other techniques. And a understanding of Illustrator, and how it should be used.

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Notes from the first two weeks.

Hot Keys
Space – Hand Tool
Selection – V
Direct Selection – A
Zoom – Z, Minus Zoom – Alt
Eraser Tool – Shift+ E
Rectangle Tool – M
Switch Bottom Swatches – X

Space – Move around
Shift – Keep shape
Alt – From Center
Grab object then (alt) create duplicate

Types of Brushes
Calligraphic brush
Scatter brush
Art brush
Pattern brush

Double click to bring into isolation mode.


My name is Scott Geiser and I currently attending UWStout in Menomonie as a freshmen.

I have spent my first semester starting off in a degree for multimedia. I have always had a fascination with art especially more abstract and out of the ordinary works. My freshmen year of high school, I took class on visual communication which mainly dealt with photoshop, editing images and creating things. After that I continued to take similar classes each year and spent my free time working in photoshop.

My other main interest besides Art is other cultures. I use a lot of things I learn from ancient or modern day cultures as inspiration when creating something new. Whether I move forward in the field of multimedia or move onto something to do with anthropology, I will always create art and enjoy doing so.